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About Us

Barbara Flick

Owner & Certified Dog Trainer

Barbara has an extensive background of service to people and animals. Barbara’s credentials include Attorney, Teacher, Licensed Customs Broker, Advocate for the disabled, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified dog trainer and business owner.

Barbara is active with the Nebraska Humane Society, pet rescue groups and as court appointed Guardian for Special Needs Adults.

Barbara’s daughter, Alexandra, and her three dogs, Karma, Rider and Greta have been the inspiration behind Good Karma Dog Center, allowing her to integrate her many interests for the benefit of those who love and respect their canine companions.

Barbara is a Reiki Master/Teacher and is continuing with her dog training education with an emphasis on behavior modification using only positive reinforcement techniques.


Billy Collins


Animal wrangler, walker, pet sitter, floor supervisor, Billy Collins is a true Jack of All Trades.  Billy hails from Mammoth Spring, Arkansas and does it all with a big smile!   He works part time helping developmentally disabled adults and spends the rest of his time caring for and helping train the daycare dogs.  Billy plans to study massage therapy (people and dogs). 


Sheila Magnuson

Administrative Assistant / Handler

A late blooming dog lover, Sheila has been a steadfast cat aficionado all her life. After inheriting a joyful, enthusiastic Dalmatian by way of a husband, she was hooked on canines! Two Norwegian Elkhounds and an American Eskimo Dog later (all rescues!), Sheila is thrilled to be a part of Good Karma Dog Center, where she can immerse herself in all things dog.

Sheila brings a broad background in sales & marketing, communication, and administration to GKDC, as well as a keen interest in the health and welfare of dogs.


Dr. Susan Milner

Consulting Veterinarian

Texas native Dr. Susan Milner graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine from Louisiana State University in 2000. After graduation, Dr. Milner treated a wide range of species, from iguanas to range cattle, as a mixed animal practitioner in rural Oregon and Idaho. During her time in Idaho, Dr. Milner lived on a small sheep farm where she trained Border Collies to herd sheep. Dr. Milner practiced small animal medicine and worked with a local shelter to start a full veterinary care/spay-neuter program after moving to Wichita, Kansas in 2006.

In July 2010, Dr. Milner moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where she co-founded Creature Comfort House Calls. Dr. Milner provides caring, compassionate, and convenient care to your pets in the comfort of your home. In addition to vaccinations, blood work and other diagnostic testing, Dr. Milner can assist your beloved pet with end-of-life care and in-home euthanasia.


Laura Stang

Training Intern

Laura’s varied careers (RN, School Paraprofessional, Cosmetology instructor and Stay at Home Mom) have shaped her into a person committed to helping dogs and their people. Laura is a volunteer trainer at the Nebraska Humane Society and has been assisting Barbara in many classes over a two year period. Laura is learning to better her skills as a dog trainer through Good Karma Dog Training and she is eager to share her time, skills and experiences with dogs and their people. Laura’s commitment to positive training came about after her dog had a horrible experience with a “traditional method” dog trainer.


Bev Thorsteinson

Agility Instructor

Bev has been training dogs since 1972 and competed in Agility and obedience since 1985 with her Corgi, Peabody. Since then Bev has trained Papillions and Shelties to a champion level and has reached the National Championships in her size divisions. Bev has been teaching Agility since 1996 and loves to work with novice dogs and handlers. Bev's favorite part of Agility is teaching drive and attitude and accuracy second, building the relationship between dog and handler is her primary concern. Having fun and working as a team is her goal for classes.